January 01, 2012

Knife’s Edge

Book One of the Ronin Saga In the land of Daerval, rumors spread of whole kingdoms that vanish in the night as a darkness that once lurked in the shadows, returns. Whispers ride on the winds of the ill- fated and long dreaded return of the Ronin – nine legendary warriors with unfathomable powers. Across the Gates in Farhaven, the land of magic, a prophet dies in the elvin city of Eldas, uttering a final prophecy known as the Knife’s Edge. It foretells a slim hope against The Return that will destroy the world. At the same time, an orphan boy is taken in by his godfather in the desert city of Farbs, but a horrific event shatters the boy’s world. In the wake, his memory is lost and he assumes the name Gray. A strange sword in hand, Gray flees to Daerval, the land devoid of magic. There he befriends an enigmatic hermit to begin his life again, while struggling to piece together his memories – shattered and twisted. Yet the tides of darkness threaten from all sides, as the legend of the Ronin rides again. Gray, thrown into a world of power, darkness and heroism far over his head, must unravel his past and walk the Knife’s Edge, or the future is doomed… Back To Ronin Saga Blog